Employment Disputes

When employment relationships end or become compromised or sufficiently strained to the point of requiring action, mediation can help the parties find a fair and agreeable resolution to allow the parties to move forward, inside or outside of continued employment.  Particularly in the employment context, a mediated resolution does not always stop with the agreement to pay money, but can also include apologies and acknowledgements, reinstatement, non-disparagement, correction to employment records, and other items of consequence to the parties.

MIMS can help.  Brian has over 25 years of experience in the field of employment law and has been engaged with various sorts of employment disputes, including wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment based on age, race, disability, gender identification, and other characteristics protected under Title VII, disability accommodation issues, disciplinary actions, performance improvement measures, workplace bullying, negotiated separations, leave, light-duty, and return-to-work parameters, nepotism and favoritism, retaliation and whistleblower matters, wage and compensation disputes, reductions in force, and other workplace challenges.  Over the course of his career, Brian has been intimately involved in drafting and interpreting workplace policies, procedures, and handbooks.  Brian has also led dozens of investigations into alleged misconduct.  Brian has also conducted numerous training sessions for managers and rank-and-file employees on dignity and respect in the workplace.

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